Calypso St. Barth Eau De Parfum - Figue

We call these scents underrated because many are unfamiliar with them. Those who will wear them will have no issue with this as they, very likely, will not like a scent that is easily recognizable anyway.

These parfums are sister scents; closely related. If Mimosa is the Flower Child, then Casablanca is the artsy one. Figue falls somewhere in between with a slight lingering sweet spice.

Calypso St Barth Eau De Parfum Mimosa

The following is how the parfums are described by their creator:

Mimosa: Citrusy bergamot, island mimosa, and almond with notes of sandalwood and jasmine petals. (FRESH)

Figue: Warm vanilla blended with Mediterranean wild fig and musk. (SPICE)

Casablanca: Exotic coconut and violet layered with leather and oak moss. (SPICE)

Calypso St Barth Eau De Parfum Casablanca

It feels they got the naming and marketing all wrong. The ingredients don’t accurately describe the loveliness that these scents are. If you love one you will find that they all work with you. For example, Casablanca is deeper and lasts the longest but it also has a freshness. They all do.

Each of these deserves its place among the classic scents. They are somewhat hard to find these day but if you can get your hands on any, you must.

We found them well below cost at this one seller: